Remembering the Future: The Physics of the Soul and Time Travel
by Brooks A. Agnew


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Brooks Agnew at 17 years of age at San Marino High School, just a few moments ago.    Brooks Agnew was featured in the documentary 'Weather Warfare,' where he demonstrated HAARP live on camera.     Brooks Agnew at 52 years of age a few moments later, now President & CEO of Vision Motor Cars, Inc.
Featured on History Channel
Brooks Agnew was featured in the debut episode of 'Conspiracy Theories,' which was the program's highest rated progam. Dr. Agnew demonstrated the HAARP technology live on camera.
Featured with Jesse Ventura


Are you the biological transducer you see in the mirror each morning? Or are you a leaping, flying being of grace and creativity who has perhaps lost your dream? In a few moments, this mortal life will be over. There is not a second to waste. This book proves that the Big Bang never happened, and that the entire universe is still a singularity actually folded up inside of you. It is your presence that expands the singularity of space into the beauty and tragedy we behold. Many are called, but few choose.    Are you ready to learn how to change the past and choose better futures. Would you like to know more? Read the book.

Remembering the Future: The Physics of the Soul and Time Travel is available and formatted for Kindle.         Remembering the Future: The Physics of the Soul and Time Travel is available and formatted for NOOK.

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At the speed of light, the entire universe is local to the empowered observer. Learn how to do this by reading the book.

What does the Universe look like from the perspective of a photon?

Does the future change, just because you looked at it?

If money was no object, and all obstacles were removed, what would be your dream?

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Remembering the Future: The Physics of the Soul and Time Travel by Six-Time Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestselling author Brooks A. Agnew unlocks the secret of mastering the Laws of Attraction. Rhonda Byrne got close when she wrote The Secret.   But millions of readers bought scissors and magazines and went to work on their refrigerator doors, and something amazing happened;  Nothing.

After many years of study and research, Dr. Agnew discovered the scientific key to unlocking that Secret. Time itself opens up to the observation of the human soul. The future and the past change when we look at them, and by doing this with purpose and design human beings can build the reality of their dreams. This book proves that the Universe reliably and repeatably demonstrates order arising out of chaos by following rules of resonance and the Golden Proportion, also known as PHI. This book shares the discovery of how to insert your conscious energy at the right moment into this creative process on purpose at exactly the right moments, allowing a very small amount of energy to massively improve your quality of life. This revolution in the self-help genre has been hiding for centuries in the mathematics of resonance.  This is Self-help with a rennaisance twist. Yes, you will take a trip through time and space. Yes, you will find out just how connected we really are and how empowering yourself with these tools will release you from your cycle of failure.

Find out how you are one of the creators of the universe, whether you're conscious you're conscious or not. Discover the breakthrough toolbox that everyone can use to create the reality of their dreams and heal the soul wounds of their pasts. In fact, discover the process of dreaming large.

This book provides the reader the ultimate hindsight with 20-20 powers of observation for the present!! You are the hope planet Earth has been waiting for. Thank goodness you are here. There is a strong possibility that the human race will not survive without your help. Become empowered to choose a new future for the human race. Don't delay. Get your copy today and begin creating the bounty that may save the world.

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